Workshop with GRACE, GRRIP and Fit4RRI at the Triple Helix Summit

The Triple Helix Summit gathers global leaders from academia, industry and policy to discuss how to build and grow regional innovative ecosystems to tackle world grand challenges. Initially planned in Bologna, it will be held online.

Institutional change in European Research Funding and Performing Organisations – the power of RRI

26. November at 15:20 CET, GRACE will be holding a workshop alongside with GRRIP and Fit4RRI,  on “Institutional change in European Research Funding and Performing Organisations – the power of RRI’”.

  • Learn about methodologies and practical approaches which can lead to RRI-oriented institutional change
  • Be inspired from proven case studies of RRI in RFPOs
  • Exchange experiences with key actors of the wider triple helix spectrum

The workshop will give practical insights on how to foster RRI-oriented institutional change in Research Funding and Performing Organisations (RFPO) from a number of different perspectives: mobilising and engaging societal actors involved in science and innovation, promoting open science, developing co-creation processes, nurturing public engagement, and ensuring gender equality.

More specifically, the workshop will present the RRI frameworks developed in three projects – namely Fit4RRI, GRACE and GRRIP – funded under the H2020 Science with and for Society Call entitled “Grounding RRI practices in research and innovation funding and performing organisations”. The presentations will be followed by practical examples of how the frameworks are currently being implemented in RFPOs.

The participants will then be invited to engage in a discussion on how to achieve change in RFPOs through RRI-related initiatives and how to pave the way for further and more complex institutional change.

Join in the discussions! Discover the previsional programme for the Triple Helix Summit here

GRACE Presentation by Dr. Ildiko Ipolyi

AGAUR / GRACE presentation by Mrs Aïda Saez

GRRIP Presentation by Dr. Elmina Homapour

Fit4RRI Methodology Presentation by Dr. Adrian Solomon

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