What is GRACE

GRACE (Grounding RRI Actions to Achieve Institutional Changes in European Research Funding and Performing Organisations) was a “Science with and for Society” H2020 funded project that supported the European Commission’s objective of spreading and embedding Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the European Research Area from January 2019 to December 2021.

GRACE’s mission was to develop a set of specific Grounding Actions in six research performing and funding organisations (Implementing Organisations). These actions were the basis for the development of a tailored 8-year RRI Roadmap within these organisations to ensure its sustainability and full implementation over the long-term.
Discover the tools used by implementing organisations.

As the project came to an end in December 2021, experts shared findings on RRI implementation in 8 inspirational webinars.
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self-tailored RRI profiles for implementing RPFOs based on their needs, expectations and specific characteristics.


mutual learning experiences amongst Expert partners to share RRI knowledge


and implement specific RRI Grounding Actions to drive Institutional Change


A 8-year RRI Roadmap for each implementing RPFO that will be sustainable over time


best practices and findings with the RRI Community

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