Reflection Tool

This tool was initially developed as part of the GRACE project where six research performing and funding organisations develop and implement Grounding Actions to strengthen responsible practices in their own organisation or network.

The Reflection Tool helped Implementers in defining short-, medium- and long-term achievable goals, in identifying the relevant stakeholders, the potential obstacles and necessary resources for each of the Grounding Actions. 
The tool can, however, be used by anyone who wants to experiments with such efforts for instance at the begin
ning of a new project.
It is meant to help a working group in its general reflection on what it wishes to achieve, in setting measurable success criteria for the sake of monitoring and evaluation, and in project management by planning the steps of implementation, foreseeing potential obstacles, and reflecting on needed resources.
Likewise, it asks the group to reflect on the stakeholders who will be affected by their initiative and will need to be involved in the decisionsmaking.

We hope you find the tool useful, good luck!


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