1º GRACE Mutual Learning Workshop, Brussels (BE)

Taking place on 28-29 May 2019 in Brussels, the 1st GRACE Mutual Learning Workshop brought together 19 participants from the 10 partner institutions forming the GRACE Project consortium.

The aim of the meeting was to set-up the micro-environment for the co-creative development of the institutional RRI Roadmaps, and the corresponding implementation of RRI Grounding Actions, at the six GRACE implementing organisations.

The meeting was composed of thematic working sessions led by expert organisations in different RRI key areas: Citizen Engagement (led by SEERC and ECSITE), Open Access and Science Education (led by AU and ECSITE), and Gender equality and Research Ethics and Integrity (led by K&I and RUG).

The sessions provided a platform for implementing organisations (IOs) to address specific issues in relevant RRI key areas at their institutions, and to discuss with experts and other IOs, ideas and strategies for grounding actions to be implemented in frame of the project.

The 1st GRACE Mutual Learning Workshop was kindly hosted at the Delegation of Catalonia to the European Union in Brussels.

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