The Reflection tool for RRI initiatives


This “Reflection tool” is a six-page document that can be printed and used to facilitate fruitful reflection and discussion on vision, goals, and implementation of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) initiatives in smaller groups.

It was initially developed by Malene Vinther Christensen as part of the GRACE project, but can actually be used by anyone who wishes to implement an initiative, before to start a new project for example.

It is meant to help a working group in its general reflection on what it wishes to achieve, in setting measurable success criteria for the sake of monitoring and evaluation, and in project management by planning the steps of implementation, foreseeing potential obstacles, and reflecting on needed ressources. Likewise, it asks the group to reflect on the stakeholders who will be affected by their initiative and will need to be involved in the decisions-making.

We hope you find the tool useful!

>> Discover the tool here

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