GRACE lesson learnt 3: activating the change process

Lessons learnt is a section emerging from the experience of the GRACE project’s Implementing Organisations. This content is based on knowledge gained during the implementation of their Grounding Actions, providing orientations for future actions. Initially designed for the project’s six partners, they can be useful for anyone developing an RRI project! 


Flexibility and responsiveness are required to implement RRI and may be supported by adopting a trial-and-error approach. Establishing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms is also key. 

To accelerate the institutional change process, it is necessary for the team to get a clear picture of the organisation. This may require specific diagnostic tools but it entails also a broader capacity to perceive and interpret any relevant aspect of the organisation throughout the RRI implementation process.

Participatory tools are necessary for RRI to be implemented. They should be light and flexible enough to be applied in the ordinary life of the organisation and the staff. 


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