GRACE’s participation in FIT4RRI’s final summit

Fit4RRI will be holding it’s final summit online, #RRI4REAL, from 29. September – 1st October.

We have the pleasure to announce that GRACE will be holding a session alongside with TeRRItoria on Institutional change in territorial/regional contexts and grounding RRI in organizations.

The session will take place on Wednesday 30. September at 10:30 CET.

Lise Degn from Aarhus University, Denmark will be representing GRACE, while Nikos Zaharis, from South East European Research Centre, Greece will be talking on behald of TeRRItoria .

Join in the session and engage with us on the early insights from GRACE and TeRRItoria, focusing on: gender equality, RRI & Smart Specialization, permanent dialog with citizens, RRI Implementation Roadmaps.


-> View the recorded session here


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